Miami art and event venue in Wynwood Arts District implements aggressive measures in response to CDC travel warning

MIAMI – August 3, 2016 –  Casa Wynwood, a members-only mentorship, design education and exhibition space with an art gallery and event venue is heeding warnings from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) regarding the presence of Zika virus-carrying mosquitoes in the area by temporarily altering its operations and taking steps to decrease the risk posed to its members and visitors.

The venue is working closely with Miami Dade County public health officials who have visited the property and indicated that it is larvae-free. Even so, out of an abundance of caution, Casa Wynwood will be draining its fountains and water features, actively eliminating any other standing water on the grounds, and engaging a pest control firm to spray for mosquitoes. It will also be temporarily rescheduling all private outdoor events.

“The health and safety of our members and guests is our top priority,” said Casa Wynwood co-founder Boyd Tasker. “While the illness caused by the Zika virus is mild for most, as we know, it can have serious consequences for pregnant women and their unborn babies. With a situation like this, it’s incumbent on everyone to take steps to minimize their exposure as much for the sake of those around them as themselves. The fewer carriers there are, the fewer new cases there will be.”

Casa Wynwood will also expedite the process of moving members and event attendees through the required security check-in and into the air-conditioned building. In addition, it will temporarily suspend the opening of its large NanaWalls, 9’x 20’ glass partitions that can be opened to allow guests to move freely from the inside space to the landscaped courtyard.

“While we have had one celebrity art collector choose to reschedule their trip to view the new collection from Cuban artist Manuel Garcia, and we certainly understand their concern, most of our members and guests have expressed their intent to move ahead with their visits and events,” said Christi Tasker, Casa Wynwood co-founder. “We’re confident that the steps we’re taking will help minimize their exposure and maximize their safety.”