Those invited to become Casa Wynwood Design Honorary Members may apply for membership by completing an application form.

Upon receipt, each application is validated for accuracy and reviewed by the Membership Curation Crew.

Applicants selected to become honorary members are notified via email. The unsuccessful will be added to a waiting list and re-reviewed each month.


Honorary Debut Members may invite up to three guests (aged 18 or over) to join them at the Casa. Private event reservations may be made for parties of any size (guests aged 18 and over).

Aside from coworking, educational seminars, mentorship and exclusive introductions, members may also enjoy member events such as exclusive dinners, fun and informative tastings, live music performances, cultural talks and Q&A sessions during art events in the Wynwood Arts District and Miami art fairs such as Art Basel.


To join Casa Wynwood you must be fill in an application requesting to Membership status.



Experiencing the connectivity and education that Casa Wynwood and its mentors provides is invaluable. Acquaintance membership allows members to attend CEU events, attend mentorship and coaching via the Casa Wynwood Facebook Live Group, and be invited to monthly networking events at Casa Wynwood.

$2,000 Yearly

or $175 per month


Along with everything included as an Acquaintance member, Networkers receive inclusion in the Casa Wynwood Membership Directory, referral tracking, ability to meet a friend at the Casa for coffee or tea up to 4 times per month, and the first rights to coworking space as it becomes available plus the ability to showcase art or products in the Casa.

$3,000 Yearly

or $300 per month


In addition to the benefits of Acquaintances and Networkers, Presenters are permitted to cowork daily in Casa Wynwood along with acquiring access to meeting room space and presentation rooms. Additionally, Presenters are granted one-on-one time with mentors, speaking and education abilities to become thought leaders and invited to pairing dinners.

$7,500 Yearly

or $750 per month

Stay & Play

In addition to the benefits of all other Membership types, Stay + Play Members are permitted to stay in Casa Wynwood from time-to-time and are granted additional conference room time along with host private solo exhibits in the gallery. Stay + Play Members have access to Casa Wynwood 24/7 as long as there are no prior private reservations from other members or events.

$15,000 Yearly

or $1,500 per month